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All Free Plots Assigned

Posted by ebcommunitygarden on July 5, 2014 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

All free plots have been assigned for the lottery.  Thank you.

Extra free plot available for 2014 only

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Hi Community Gardeners,

At this time, there are a few plots available in the garden. All interested people on the waiting list have been assigned a plot and we are going to offer the available plots to current gardeners through a lottery system. If you are interested in having another plot this season, please email us [email protected] by noon on Friday, July 4, and your name will be included in a randomly selected lottery. If you are selected for an additional plot, please be aware that it is for this season only. There will be no charge for this additional plot.

The lottery will take place after noon on Friday and you will be notified by email if your name has been drawn.


Weeds, Tools, and Garden Etiquette

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Garden Etiquette and Guidelines


When finished weeding please put the weeds in the compost pile - back of the garden property (no plastic bags).

All sick plants, mint, sticks/old wood, wire/metal should be placed in the dumpster next to the compost pile.

Place all plastic (#1 or #2) and/or glass bottles in the yellow recycle bin.


TOOLS - Please remember to clean off tools after using them and put them back in the shed.


Rules...Policies...Tips We are a member only garden. Our garden is on township property...NO SMOKING...No Pets.

Preparing your plot.

You need to weed the mulch pathways near your plot of weeds. Make sure your plot is well kept. Un Kept plots for more than 2 week period will be re-assigned or tilled in. If you’re going on vacation, having surgery etc., please notify the garden board so that arrangements can be made to rectify and assist you.

We have wheel barrows for your use. After its use, return them, turning them over, and placing them behind the shed at a distance of five feet on the mulch area.

If you use the tools in the shed please clean prior to returning them.

No plastic jugs, plastic bags left in your plot. They will be confiscated. - - - Dispose all bottles into recycling bin.

Dispose weeds, old plants in our compost area. - - - Empty mulch...peat...soil bags into trash bin.

Suggestion Box...Senior Center Donations.....A box is attached to the shed. Please make suggestions to improve our program

Also, a cooler, scale for weighing produce, book for jotting down your plot number so we can thank you for your effort.

Kiosk Information for you from Master Gardeners. Take some time to view this information.

Shared Gardens For all gardeners. When the time to pick is ready you all will be notified. Please don't take it upon yourself to pick the crops.

Don't Get Caught!!!

Anyone caught picking from another garden will automatically forfeit theirs.


The Handicap Parking Area by the "Community Garden Brown Sign”  is for dropping off supplies. Then you need to move your vehicle and park it in a designated lot, by the municipal building or library. We have been informed that any vehicle parked without handicap credentials for an inordinate amount of time will be ticketed. – Also Do Not Park On The Road or The Park Path.


Thank you – The East Brunswick Garden Board


June 10, 2014 Board Meeting Highlights

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Today we had a garden board meeting. A few topics of discussion:

All gardeners had agreed to at least 4 hours of helping with the community part of the garden by signing up for a committee but response has been low. Weeds are growing out of control around the perimeter of the garden. Shared garden will need to be weeded in the near future. Senior Center garden will need help to maintain plants and keep weeds out.

All gardeners should keep the front pathway of their garden weeded and please do not put pulled weeds on the pathways - toss them in the compost pile.

Tools should be wiped off before stored back in shed.

Please note that bugs are being noticed in garden.  Please keep check on your gardens for evidence of bugs. Some bugs already seen are pill bugs, potato beetle, and cucumber beetle. Remember to use only board approved organic insecticides. There are some suggestions here: http://ebcommunitygarden.webs.com/gardeningtipstricks.htm --and-- http://ebcommunitygarden.webs.com/Tips%20Tricks/fs224%5B1%5D.pdf

Picnic was a great success.

Kiwis died, grapes are doing well, berries are slow to grow.





Posted by ebcommunitygarden on May 29, 2014 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Why are some gardeners placing a dark cloud over all of us.   

Sunday - a patrolmen had to stop by, due to a vehicle parked on the road towards Cranberry in front of one of the houses and someone parked on the tar pathway to the entrance of the park both were EB gardeners.  Informed the officer that we have a policy on the parking up front that states drop off only then move vehicle to parking lot by municipal area and all others parking there must have a handicap permit.

Have received some flak from some of the gardeners when I requested them to move their vehicle after unloading or just parking there - excuses I'm just checking my plot or a quick watering or when I'm ready - then staying over 45 min to 2 hrs. 

To those of you that fall into the above category...East Brunswick Police Officers have informed us that you will be ticketed.

Drop off for a few minutes..OK. As they travel along Civic Center Drive they will monitor vehicles. If your car is parked without handicap plates or proper handicap registration, your car will be ticketed. Is that worth paying the ticket, court fees and loss of time in the court. I personally don't think so. This is your warning. We have done our part by informing you. 

Further we have shared plots. Some have "Don't Pick" signs. What does that mean. it means don't pick. Why then would some gardeners pick??? 

Gardening is fun. We enjoy the outdoors, We enjoy meeting people and sharing about our garden. We don't want to see people ticketed and be unhappy.

Join the party - June 8 4-7

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Our First Picnic scheduled for Sunday June 8th, 4-7 PM.Meet fellow gardeners for an afternoon of friendship and sharing. This is a shared dish picnic. Everyone should bring a prepared dish of food along with serving utensils, plates and cutlery, napkins. Let's join and share your culinary favorites

Garbage Left Next to Shed

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Reminder that the dumpster has been moved next to compost pile.  Please put your compost items in compost pile and garbage in dumpster.  Wheelbarrows are not acceptable garbage bins. 

Please don't pick in other garden

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There has already been an incident where a gardener's kale plant was completely removed from his/her garden.  Please do not pick from gardens that are not yours.

Thank you.

Garden Board Meeting Highlights - 4/2/2014

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Highlights from Garden Board Meeting of April 2, 2014


All plots are full. There will now be a waiting list.

Plot C16 – this is a half plot.  Blueberry bushes will be moved out and dwarfbutterfly bushes planted.

Shed will have a side addition added to the shady side tohouse produce donation containers.   

A recycle garden (flowers/plants in recycled containers) on sunnyside of shed has been proposed.

Ferris Farms (www.ferrisfarms.com)is once again giving a 10% discount on items used for your Community Garden.  Cards will be provided as soon as we havethem; we are looking for a solution until we get the cards.

Shared Garden areas will include potato and onion crops.

For a more eye-pleasing look to the garden a request will bemade to move dumpster closer to compost area. 

Both front gates are going to be lifted up about 9 inches –erosion has caused flooding at the gate entrances.

Donation meter will be moved to back of kiosk – more peoplewill be able to view.


SEED EXCHANGE - there is a box in the shed for all gardeners to use to Exchange Seeds. Sincemany packages come with far more seeds than you may need, when you have extra,you can place the package in the box, and help yourself to the other varietiesthe gardeners have placed there. Please keep the packages folded over whendone, and enjoy the variety of flowers and produce as part of our gardencommunity.

Work day on April 19. Painting will take place.

No white items are to be in your gardens.  If you have a white fence, feel free to paintit. 

Check kiosk for updated info.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a committee, please do soas soon as possible.  We need helpmaintaining the garden and all help is greatly appreciated. 

Any questions, please email: [email protected]

You can also visit the garden’s site at:  www.ebcommunitygarden.webs.com