2016 PRODUCE CHALLENGE - 1000 Pounds


In the past, East Brunswick Community Garden has donated over three (3) tons of fresh produce.

In 2016 growing season, we dedicated one plot to growing produce for the senior center.  The plot is managed by the garden's Senior Center Plot Committee.

In addition, we challenge all gardeners to donate at least 1000 pounds of surplus produce to the senior center.  

How to donate produce:

     In shed there is a notebook and scale in upper right corner.  Weigh your produce and make a notation in book.

     Take produce into Senior Center office and office will take produce to the kitchen.  If entering from Civic Center Drive parking lot, walk up to reception desk, turn left, and walk back to the office.  Tell them you are donating from the Community Garden.  Senior Center is only open M-F  9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  On weekends or before/after hours, put produce into one of the coolers in garden.

      There are two coolers (one in old section and one in new section) in the garden for everyone to place donations in if you cannot make if to the Senior Center.  If you do not see one of the coolers, then it is on the way to the Senior Center).     

Please email [email protected] if you need any assistance in bringing donations over to the center.

2016 Donations






If you need to contact the board or have any questions, email us at:  [email protected]


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