Natural Solutions From Your Herb Garden

Some great recommendations to grow/use these herbs:  CLICK HERE


Harmful & Poisonous Plants in NJ

Stinging Nettle, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac.  Did you know that they all exist in NJ?  They can show up almost anywhere.  Feeling itchy after weeding?  You may have been exposed and the best thing to do is to wash with soap and water as soon as possible.  If possible, wear gloves when pulling weeds and if you happen to come across a potential problem weed use a bag to pull it and save yourself the misery of breaking out in a rash.  Rutgers has a wealth on poisonous and harmful plants at their website:  http://njaes.rutgers.edu/harmfulplants/

Pest Control Methods

Organic Fertilizer and soil amendment info

Compost Tea

How much can I plant in a 10 foot row?


Companion Vegetable Garden List

Can I plant beans, pea, and corn together?  Will my peas and onions be great neighbors or should I keep them away from each other?  To find out, take a look at the list below for companion planting or click here for a printable pdf file






Powdery Mildew Solution

Deluxe Baking Soda Spray

Tomato Blight Cure using powdered milk

Black Spot - Tomato Leaf Tonic




1.    Captain Jack's-for leaf chewing insects-available at Ferris Farm Agway, 690 Cranbury Rd., East Brunswick, NJ


2.    Neem - for powdery mildew, arthropod pests including aphids, mites, and whiteflies - available at Lawrence Brook Watershed Partnership, 85 Washington Ave., Milltown, NJ.  They are usually available by appointment by calling 732-249-5297 or by emailing Ray Seaman at [email protected]  They also sell a whole line of organic lawn care products.


3.    Plant marigolds in your plot.  They keep some insects away.




4.    Shoo away flea beetles by dousing plants with potent mix of

     garlic and hot pepper.  Ingredients and supplies:

6 cloves garlic


1 quart glass jar with lid

1 TBSP powdered or crushed pepper

1 quart warm water

Cheese cloth

Pump spray bottle.

Directions:  Smash unpeeled garlic cloves with hammer.  Put crushed

garlic in glass jar.  Add hot pepper and warm water.  Screw on lid and

shake mixture.  Set jar in sun to steep for 2 days or more.  If you pop

off lid, take a sniff and your eyes water, then it is ready.  Strain

mixture through cheesecloth and pour liquid into spray bottle.

NOTE:  Apply as soon as you see flea beetles and then reapply

after rains or heavy dew.  Since flea beetles feed on both sides of

plant leaves, make sure plants are thoroughly drenched.  As with any

water based spray, this mixture can damage plant leaves if applied

in middle of hot, sunny day.



What is a Cropping System?

In short, it is having crops in the ground all year.  There are all season, early, and late crops.  Below is a list of just a few such vegetables and if you need to print (click here)

How Can I Get The Most out My Gardening Space?

See how you can grow a great garden within a small space.  The sample space is 20 foot by 15 foot but  you can adjust by removing a few plants to fit our standard 10 x 10 foot plots.  A printable copy can be found here:

Fall Cleanup



If you need to contact the board or have any questions, email us at:  [email protected]


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